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Toro negro forest amenities Ponce Puerto Rico

River waterfall and natural pools  What could be more refreshing than taking a swim in a crystal clear river on a hot day? The water is crystal clear – fed from the rain forest above. There were lots of little fish swimming all around us as we waded through the river. Stay out of the rivers when it has been raining, flash floods are common. Some of the rocks are slippery, so be careful. There are no facilities here (such as bathrooms, etc.), please carry out your trash, this is soon to be a trash-free zone. Emerald Pool Caribbean Sea View Deep Hole Pool Breathtaking view Wind Turbines Santa Isabel Ponce Bay Adjuntas and Ponce Adjuntas Ponce Jayuya Dona Juana Falls   Just 4 minutes more on Route 149 North after the sign for the forest (and the turnoff for Route 143 East). It’s right on Route 149 at KM 41.5. This is a really nice tall falls Charco Confesora Check out this 1.9-km out-and-back trail near Villalba, South Region. Generally considered an easy route, it takes an average of 36