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Hiking Toro Negro Forest

Best hiking trails for outdoor lovers in Puerto Rico Toro Negro is Puerto Rico’s highest cloud forest, with its highest elevation at 4,390 feet. You’ll find as sorts of things in Toro Negro: Four types of forests, three highest peaks, two natural swimming pools, nine rivers, and a handful of waterfalls.   Toro Negro State Forest is famous for its natural diversity. Scientists have identified 160 species of trees divided into 53 families. Ferns and orchids are abundant at Toro Negro, with 40 Puerto Rican species.  30 Species of birds live in Toro Negro, six of them are endemic, and two are at risk of extinction, protected by local and federal law.   There are twenty species of reptiles in Toro Negro, including the giant lizard, the pigmy lizard, and the Puerto Rican blind snake lizard Amphisbaena caeca. Recent studies have found eight species of bats living in Toro Negro. There are even Puerto Rican scorpions,  Tityus obtusus , in the forest. But you don’t have to worry;
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Toro Negro Medicinal Garden

    Natural remedies you can find in Toro Negro forest. Puerto Rico is home to a rich tradition of using medicinal plants and herbs for healing and wellness. Here are some examples of medicinal plants commonly used in Puerto Rican folk medicine Dog cadillo remedies Dog cadillo is a plant with medicinal properties that has been used to treat various diseases. Here are some of the medicinal properties and uses of dog cadillo: Restore liver and liver health : Dog cadillo is considered a miracle plant to restore liver and liver health in general. Inflamed liver treatment : The plant is used to treat inflamed liver and other liver health related problems. Kidney and lung treatment : Dog cadillo is used to treat kidney and lung problems, such as infection and inflammation. Infusion and tincture : The plant can be consumed in infusion or tincture to take advantage of its medicinal properties. Capsules and dry grass : You can also find the dog's cadillo in the form